Protect Against Unethical Web Practices, Says Fairfield Meeting Rooms

Be aware of those who might try to take your web site domain name if you don't register in time says Steve Kays from Fairfield Meeting Rooms ™.

Also put the domain name renewals on your credit card, and not your web master's.  What happens if the webmaster is not available or something?  You can be in a big problem.

Steve Kays advises businesses to get your domain name and keep the password and credit card in your control.

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Beware Of Web Domain Name Hijackers

Domain Name Hijackers Can Be Ruthless.  There Are Things One Can Do About Web Domain Name Hijackers.

• Seeing if the web hijacker is using a similar business with your domain name.  Is there a trademark infringement?
• Register your domain name for say another ten years.

Beware of domain name hijackers

It is safer to go ahead and reserve your domain name for quite a few years ahead of time. You know how it is that credit card expiration dates come around faster than you know it. People forget to then contact the website domain name registration service with a new expiration date. You may not get the email that says that your domain name is about to expire. Be safe reserve the domain name years at a time.
Crack Down On Cyber Criminals

The Obama administration should crack down harder on all types of cyber crime.  They have become too tolerant of white collar criminals lately.  Big corps continue to scam the small guys. Then the small guys think such criminal activity is the norm and resort to other types of violence.

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